"Obama Inauguration Pieces."

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This is a series of seven pieces. #s 2, 3, and 7 are still paintings, so they aren't done as quilts yet, and may not be done for some time. We'll see. Anyhow, these are all made with whole cloth painting on Kona cotton fabric. Drawn by hand with paint markers and airpen/fabric paint. Painted with hand brush and fabric paint. Mostly machine quilted with Fairfield's bamboo/cotton batting.

I've been making art in response to Obama's career for a while now, and I expect to continue to document his life, though usually I'll incorporate that into my other works, merging my diary and his stuff. I DO need to get on with my Kitchen Tarot project, after all!!! (and Obama will surely continue to be included in that.)

The writing here is a mixture of my thoughts about Obama's inuaguration and some quotes from his inaugural speech. I drew them all on January 19, thinking ahead to the events of the next day, and have been painting and finishing them ever since.

SALES: If you want to buy one, please email me. Prices are below. Please figure $12 more for shipping. Thank you.

Obama Inauguration #5. ©Susan Shie 2009.

"Obama Inauguration #5" ©Susan Shie 2009. 11.25"h x 11.75"w. $600. Sold 1-26-09.

Obama Inauguration #6. ©Susan Shie 2009.

"Obama Inauguration #6" ©Susan Shie 2009. 14.25"h x 13.5"w. $800.

Obama Inauguration 4. ©Susan Shie 2009.

"Obama Inauguration #4" ©Susan Shie 2009. 15"h x 15"w. $950. Sold

Obama Inauguration #1. ©Susan Shie 2009.

"Obama Inauguration #1" ©Susan Shie 2009. 10.5"h x 10.5"w. This piece is now in the permanent collection of the International Quilt Study Center (IQSC) in Lincoln, NE. It's part of the "SAQA at 20 Trunk Show" of 55 pieces, juried in by Dr Sandra Sider, from a much larger full showing that toured the US and abroad throughout 2009.

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