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Copyright 1997 Susan ShieLucky Drawing 170, Oct 29 - Nov 27, 2023, is my next freehand, intuitive online drawing class for women, in a private Facebook group classroom.  That link I just gave, is here on my site and is full of info about the class, so read all about here, where I even have a full supply list, way down that long page. 
Then register for this class, at my Facebook sign-up event page for the class by clicking the "going" button on that page.  I am now
teaching 4 classes a year, instead of 8, starting that change with the last class.  The next class, Lucky Drawing 170, will have its soft opening on Sunday evening, Oct 29, sometime between 3 and 4 PM eastern time. 

The next class after 170 will be Lucky Drawing 171, running from Jan 21 through Feb 19, 2024.  Earlier this year, during LD 168, I decided to go from teaching 8 classes a year, to just 4. This will give us much longer breaks between classes that were only 2 weeks at that time, but are now  8 weeks between the 30-day classes.  I have also decided to raise the tuition for my classes by $20.  So you now pay $175 by check or $180. by PayPal (with those using foreign currency on PayPal paying $185.)

At the FB class sign-up event page. you'll click on the "going" button, to sign up there now for this next class.  You can pay me any time before the class begins, or even later, if you need more time.  When I receive your class fee, I'll let you know I've gotten it.  To start the new class on its opening night, I'll send a FB notification to invite students into the class, to get set up that evening, unless you need to wait and come the next morning or even later. You'll click on that FB notification, and it will take you to the FB private group called "Lucky Drawing 170." When you get there, bookmark that page for easy access during the class. There is a list of all of the year's Lucky Drawing classes on the class info page here in my website.

Notes: I don't tell you how to draw - no step-by-step or rules about it.  It's about learning to relax and appreciate your own natural style of drawing!  I tell you how to let go and stop judging your work, and to just watch it come out of you!  I give drawing themes that you can use, bend, or change - or sit out, and we all draw in mixed media in large, hardbound sketchbooks.  We post our drawings to the class, and everyone is encouraged to give lots of only positive feedback - without offers of how to improve your work.  We ALL need that good feedback, and we all need to keep going on our own creative paths, not someone else's!
You don't have to show up at the online class at any specific time, including the first night's soft open. Show up that night or the next day or even the next day. There is never a specific time when you have to be there. But I hope you want to come to the class as soon as you can and as often as you like!! Being there at the very start on that first Sunday night is a lot of fun, seeing who else is in the new class!


Copyright 1997 Susan ShieNo Turtle Art Camps in 2023. I had 4 weeklong camps scheduled for 2020. But they were all canceled, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  I'm so sorry that we haven't been able to have camps since then, and I don't have any planned for this year, so far.  But sometime, things will clear up!

Please look at the camp page here to see what the camps are like. When I have them, I take 1-4 adult students for each session of weeklong live-in art camps for adult art students at my home. The whole camp class is about drawing and painting in large, hardbound sketchbooks. The main thing is to learn to trust your drawing instincts and not judge your work, but enjoy making it. All freehand, original work done as personal stories in images and possibly writing. The Camps are my in-person version of my online Lucky Drawing classes.


Copyright 1997 Susan ShiePrivate art lessons for local students in my home studio in Wooster, Ohio.



Copyright 1997 Susan Shie

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