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by Susan Shie. Turtle Moon Studios.

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Here are my major art quilts of 2018, with the newest one at the top, and going down to the first one finished in 2018 at the bottom. Click on the tiny images here, to go to each piece's main page, where I have LOTS of large detail images after a long artist's statement for that piece. Thank you.

Daily News. full  ┬ęSusan Shie 2018 Daily News. detail.  ┬ęSusan Shie 2018

Above: "Daily News: Queen of Pyrex Cups in the Kitchen Tarot." 58"h x 93"w. Made from July 4 through September 55, 2018.

Full and detail views, along with statement.

ShakenAndStirred_det1 ShakenAndStirred_det1

Above: "Shaken and Stirred: 10 of Wooden Spoons (wands) in the Kitchen Tarot." 60"h x 93"w. Made from Nov 27, 2017 to Jan 7, 2018.

Full and detail views, along with statement.

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Video of Susan Shie's solo exhibition interview at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England, by Andrew Galli. August, 2010.

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