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pbg-9: Root Chakra Buddha Girl with Duct Tape Peace Charm.©Susan Shie 2003.This gallery exhibits the paintings I began making in February, 2003, as a response to the new threat of war in our world.

They were originally all simply paintings on muslin fabric, not stretched or framed or quilted. Some became quilts later, if they hadn't sold as paintings.

I used Deka Permanent Fabric Paint (have since switched to Jacquard Textile Colors, since Deka is no longer available), with an Airpen to draw the lines, and brushes to fill in the colors. Also I added Lumiere gold and pearl accents.



Explanation of my prices and suggestions for framing my paintings.




The small images below are numbered left to right. "pbg" stands for Peace Buddha Girl. You can click on each small image to go to a page with a larger image, as well as the information about that piece.
Go to one of the image pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

pbg-1 ©Susan Shie 2003.pbg-2 ©Susan Shie 2003.pbg-3 ©Susan Shie 2003.pbg #1 Sold as a quilt,

pbg #2 sold,

pbg #3 sold.




pbg-4 ©Susan Shie 2003.pbg-5 ©Susan Shie 2003.pbg-6 ©Susan Shie 2003.pbg #4 sold,

pbg #5 sold,

pbg #6 sold.






pbg-7 ©Susan Shie 2003.pbg-8 ©Susan Shie 2003.pbg-9 ©Susan Shie 2003.pbg #7 sold,

pbg #8 sold,

pbg #9 Available for sale as a hand stitched quilt.




pbg-10 ©Susan Shie 2003.pbg-11 ©Susan Shie 2003.pbg #10 sold as a complexly sewn and beaded quilt,

pbg #11 sold.






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