2005 Gallery - Outsider Art Quilts

by Susan Shie

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Here are the four major pieces I made in 2005. Enjoy.

NEO Buddha - full view.©Susan Shie 2005.NEO Buddha - detail view.©Susan Shie 2005.

Above: "NEO Buddha" 56"h x 57"w. Made in Feb/Mar, 2005. Full View ////// Detail View

Read the article "John M. Walsh III: Passionate Patron of the Art Quilt," by Robert Shaw. This article, on the Studio Art Quilt Associates web site, and published in the January, 2006 issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, mentions that Jack Walsh now owns "NEO Buddha."

The Lazy Susan. ©Susan Shie 2005.The Lazy Susan.Detail view. ©Susan Shie 2005.







Above: "The Lazy Susan / Wheel of Fortune: Card #10 in The Kitchen Tarot" 48"h x 34.5"w. Begun May 4, 2002. Finished May 1, 2005. Full View ////// Detail View
Katrina Blues.  Full view.©Susan Shie 2005.Katrina Blues.  Detail view. ©Susan Shie 2005.








Above: "Katrina Blues" 45"h x 75.5"w. Made in Aug/Sept, 2005. Full View ////// Detail View
Wilma (Peace Voodoo) full view ©Susan Shie 2005.Wilma (Peace Voodoo) detail. ©Susan Shie 2005.







Above: "Wilma (PeaceVoodoo)."66.5" x 66.5". Made in Oct/Nov, 2005. Full view ////// Detail view.


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Susan Shie

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