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Amazon is currently taking preorders for The Kitchen Tarot, a deck of the 22 major cards of my Kitchen Tarot project, which I began working on in 1998. The deck will come with a small user booklet by author Dennis Fairchild. The publisher is Hay House. This deck will be available to buy on Amazon in mid-July, 2010. The Kitchen Tarot will be my first ever offering on Amazon, tho my author Denny has several books there. I began working on the 56 minor card images for The Kitchen Tarot last year, but expect that this project will take easliy another 20 years. :) All of the Kitchen Tarot images are made from quilted paintings that I create, and now I'm making very large pieces, which you can see in my Gallery links here.

The books below are all photocopied diary coloring books, mostly with 16 pages, plus covers, by Susan Shie. They're published by The Edible Press (me) of Wooster, Ohio. For playful grownups. They're full of my drawings and hand writing in black and white.

ALL MY BOOKS ARE $12. EACH (including shipping within the US.)

Order by sending an email to me. Please include your name and address in the email. I'll get right back to you.

Carolyn TV ŠSusan Shie 1987.

"Carolyn TV"

The big adventures of me and my friend Carolyn in New York City. Not much room to color in this one. Lots of drawn lines and blabbering! ©1987. 5.5"h x 7"w.

This book is out of print currently. Sorry.


The Tree Ritual ŠSusan Shie 1999."The Tree Ritual"

The wild tale of our Christmas angsts and joys when our daughter Gretchen was a teenager. ©1987. 8.3"h x 5.5"w.

This book is out of print currently. Sorry.


Sand Witches ŠTherese May and Susan Shie 1995.

"Sand Witches"

Strange and playful poems and drawings made by Therese May and me together. ©1995. 8.5"h x 5.5"w.




Garden Party ŠSusan Shie 1999.

"Garden Party"

Diary of a full season of garden making at our house, complete with wiley groundhog and my Dad. ©1996. 8.5"h x 5.5"w.



Waltzing Matilda ŠSusan Shie 1999.

"Waltzing Matilda"

This is the first of the TURTLE TRAX diary books. All the happy and scary stories about getting a new computer and making this web site. ©1997. 8.5"h x 5.5"w.



Lucky Stars ŠSusan Shie 1999."Lucky Stars: A Little Astrology Primer"

This is the astrology primer I've been wanting to make for years! You must already have your birth chart in your hot little hand, in order to use this book. (Computer services advertising in astrology magazines make them up cheaply!!!) This primer will decode the symbols and their placements within a chart. In the back is a foldout page, where you can write in your own chart, and keep it folded out, while reading about what the chart's marks and placements mean. I also put a small bibliography in the back of the book, so you can read more astrology books, on and on!!!! ©1999. 8.5"h x 5.5"w. This one is NOT a coloroing book, coz it's stuffed full of tons of words!!!!!


Lucky Signs ŠSusan Shie 1999.

"Lucky Signs: A Drive-By Zodiac"

Since the primer, above, had no room for fun little picture drawings, my usual fare, I decided to make a companion book, which is more playful and able to be colored in. What turned out is a dialogue between St Quilta the Comforter and me, explaining each of the sun signs, seriously and playfully. Definitely a light hearted companion to the more scholarly, but also more useful primer! ©1999. 8.5"h x 5.5"w. This book is longer than the others: 29 pages plus cover.



St. Q Zodiac Book ŠSusan Shie 2001.

"About My Mother: St Quilta the Comforter Blesses the Zodiac"

New in December, 2001. This book is a hybrid of a biography of my mother, Marie Shie, with photo illustrations of my new series of paintings on canvas of St. Quilta blessing each sign of the zodiac. Photos all in black and white, including all 12 signs and a photo of my mother and Baby Me. ©2001. 8.5"h x 5.5"w. 16 pages plus cover.





My Own Private Wooster, a book. ŠSusan Shie 2002.

"My Own Private Wooster"

I've wanted for years to design a little guidebook for people to use to get acquainted with Wooster, when they come to camp or to visit or move here. Or for people who live here now, or have lived here, so they can have fond memories of places they love, too. It's from my own perspective, so it's my favorite places downtown, with a centerfold map that I drew. I include 26 places of interest in the book, and more are marked on the map. The cover drawing is of the statues on the courthouse and me, and there are lots more drawings in the book. ©2002. 8.5"h x 5.5"w. 16 pages plus cover. You can also buy this book at Wooster Natural Foods (the former Wooster Food Co-op.)



Calendar cover ŠSusan Shie 2003.Year of the Sheep Calendar 2003

This calendar is no longer in print. Sorry.

Romp your way through 2003 with St. Quilta the Comforter and The Sheep, in this very detailed, 32 page calendar that begins with Feb 1, 03, Chinese New Year of the Sheep. It goes through January, 2004, since the Monkey year starts on Jan 21, 04.

The calendar's pages are each 5.5"h x 8.5"w, since I started with 8.5 x 11" paper. It's all hand drawn and written by me, and includes fortune cookie fortunes here and there, as well as appearances by all the zodiac characters of both Eastern and Western astrology, and Jimmy and me, and mainly, St. Quilta the Comforter and the sweet little Sheep. It's pretty funky!

I got smart with this book and made digital files of its pages, so I can keep making little editions of it later. It really is a nice little resource book on Eastern and Western astrology comparisons, in my offbeat way! Order it even after 2003, as a story and reference book!

32 pages, 5.5 x 8.5" Black ink on eight rainbow colors of paper. Hand sewn binding in colored threads, special personal fortune cookie fortune on each cover. $15.00 postpaid in the US.

July page of calendar. ŠSusan Shie 2003.Here's the centerfold: July. It's all one color of paper, because of being the centerfold, but most months are two toned, with one color for the drawing and another for the calendar and holidays part.











Book by Annette Mitchell. ŠAnnette Mitchell 2002.A book by artist and printmaker Annette Mitchell:

"Foam is Where the Art Is: New Ways to Print."

I think there is a newer version of this book now on Annette's site.

The original instructional book has 71 pages, 8" x 10" with a UV laminated cover, wire bound, has color examples as well as black and white photographs accompaning text has an index, and outlines how to begin the process, print in various ways, evolve an image, trouble shoot problems, and combine with other media.
Cost of book is $28.99, plus $3.50 mailing and she'll send one to you priority mail.

Annette Mitchell's mailing address is P. O. Box 494, Plymouth, NH 03264

To order this book from Annette, visit her website or email her at

We are not selling this book at Turtle Moons Studios, so talk to Annette!

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