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by Susan Shie
I've made a lot of commissions and really enjoy doing them! The pieces here are older examples of works I've made to order for collectors. These pieces are NOT FOR SALE, but will give you a touchstone for planning your own order. Hope you enjoy these!

Price information for my work.

Examples of Commissions I've done:

Karen ©1997


This tiny embellished quiltlet was orederd as a baby shower present. ©1997. 7"h x 8"w. Collection of Karen Saunders.




Vikki's Garden Angel ©1996

"Vikki's Garden Angel"

Appliqued quiltlet, mostly machine sewn, quick embellishment. ©1996. 11"h x 8.5"w. Collection of Victoria Roberts.




Earl Grey Hot ©1997

"Earl Grey Hot"

Painting from "Teapot Heads" series, embellished to request. ©1997. 15"h x 10"w. Collection of Maxine Seelenbinder-Apke.



Jean's Paradise ©1997

"Jean's Paradise"

Order for a family and home environment quiltlet, very embellished. ©1997. 13.5"h x 14"w. Collection of C. Jean Liittschwager.





La Sirenne ©1994

"La Sirenne"

This order was for a painting of something we'd know the buyer would like, so we suggested Mermaids. Painting on fabric. ©1994. 30.5"h x 41.5"w. Collection of Elizabeth Owen.





Lucille, Aquarian Conjure Woman ©1996

"Lucille, Aquarian Conjure Woman"

The buyer saw this piece in its beginniing state and ordered it. Painted, embellished quilt. ©1996. 31"h x 26"w. Collection of Linda Dolack.




Iae's Trailer Court. ©Susan Shie 2002.

"Ize's Trailer Court"

This commission took five and a half years in total to make. The buyer invented the idea of a little trailer court that all her friends, family, and cats conceptually live in. There are about 25 3-D figures, as well as trailers for everyone and banners that tell stories about everyone. In the center of the trailer court is a huge statue of St. Quilta the Comforter, with an astrology clock on her belly. Yard art abounds.

This piece is extremely embellished, one of my most "caked" art quilt ever. Price of a commission like this will be much higher than the formula for regular quilts of mine, because of the huge amount of labor involved, and the great amount of planning in the design of such personal stories and people. Boy, this was great fun! A real epic piece!!! ©2002, 65"h x 68"w. Collection of Elizabeth Cherry Owen.


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