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by Susan Shie
Jimmy and I used to make pins in quilted fabric, clay, and leather. We don't make them anymore, but have left this page up as a record of what we used to do. The smaller ones are great to wear, and the larger ones become tiny wall pieces. Again, we don't sell them online anymore, and it's been a long time since we've made these.

clay pins 1996

"Miracle Workers"

These are one style of my ceramic pins. I continue to experiment and use some in the quilts. 1.5"-3"h. They vary a lot!

approximate price for similar pin: $60.00 each

No longer selling online.

quilted faces pins 1997

These embellished quilted faces come in three approximate sizes:1.5", 2.5", and 3" high.. They have glass beads and gemstones. Colors may be requested.

approximate price for similar pin: $200, $250, $300.00 each, according to size

No longer selling online.

leather dragonflies 1997

Jimmy's Leather Dragonflies

These are three dimensional tooled and painted leather. Jimmy also makes them in brown leather tones. Colors may be requested. Approx. 5.5"h x 4"w.

approximate price for similar pin: $150.00 each




original style quilted pin 1992

My Original Style Quilted Pins

This is the last surviving pin from my original offerings. I can make any simple shaped image on these, with simple applique, beading, and paint. Goddesses, love whammy hands, animals, and eyes are favorites. Sizes vary, but aveerage 2.5" x 3.5".

approximate price for similar pin: $200.00 each


fancy quilted pin  1994

My Fancy Quilted Pins

These are larger and more elaborately embellished fabric pins. Any image and color can be ordered. This lizard has amber beads all over its pelt! Average 3" x 5.5".

approximate price for similar pin: $600.00



stitched pin 1997

My Completely Stitched Pins

These pins are totally made with embroidery on black fabric. Gemstone beads around the border. Mystery ladies and Healing Angels look nice on these. Average size 3" x 5".

approximate price for similar pin: $800.00


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