Gretchen's wedding shoes ©Susan Shie 2000.Lucky Wedding Shoes

By Susan Shie

Custom order your painted creation by sending me your bridal shoes to hand paint roses or other flowers or other designs on, to go with your wedding gown style and fabrics. Be a Lucky Bride!!!

I began this shoe painting for my daughter Gretchen in 2000, and have painted more shoes for my friend Elizabeth Cherry Owen's wedding. A commission is next for my friend Leslie Gelber, to paint party shoes for her.

Above are Gretchen's wedding shoes, with her wearing them on her wedding day, Oct. 7, 2000. See all her wedding pictures and story on my Nov. 30, 2000 diary.

Price per pair of shoes custom painted is $500. plus shipping. $250. downpayment will put you on my waiting list. Final payment and return shipping fee must accompany sending your shoes to me to paint.

I need for you to call or email regarding any order. Because of the nature of our sale items, being mostly custom made or one of a kind, we don't have a shopping cart feature. Just call or email and we'll arrange your order and payment. Thanks! Shoes can be any style, but need to be satin or other fabric, rather than leather or plastic uppers, so that the paint absorbs properly. Select a color of satin that you want to become the background of the final shoes, as I will paint the flowers to have the satin show through between them. Above in Gretchen's shoes, for instance, the shiny pink satin is the color of the shoes she gave me to paint. My paint work is only the flowers, so there's a nice texture of soft flowers over shiny background.

If you'd like to have your bridesmaids' shoes painted at the same time, to go with your shoes, I will give you a group job discount. Prices listed are subject to change. Shipping and tax (for Ohio residents) will be added to your bill. We don't use credit cards, so you can write us a check, made out to James Acord. Or send a money order. You must email us your order before mailing your check. Thank you!

Inside back of Gretchen's wedding chair ©Susan Shie 2000.Full view of Gretchen's wedding chair  ©Susan Shie 2000.The Big Shoe Bride, on the back of Gretchen's wedding chair  ©Susan Shie 2000.








Above are three views of The Big Shoe Bride Chair, which I painted for Gretchen and her husband Michael, in honor of their wedding. I was nervous about painting her shoes, as I had never done this before, so I made her shoes huge on her feet on the panel on the right. This was my sketch for the shoes, which came out really well, matched the lace appliques on her dress, and resembled brocade, when seen from a distance.

A Lucky Wedding Chair would make a wonderful souvenir of your wedding! You might want to tell me how you met, etc, or give me some vows you wrote together, or some song lyrics you're using for your service. The chair could be done ahead of time, to be part of your wedding day, or I could make it after the wedding, using some images you send me.

Chairs start at $3,000 plus shipping for more plain ones, and ones as elaborate as Gretchen and Mike's sell for $6,000 plus shipping. Shipping is high on chairs, since they must be shipped via freight. Again, half payment will secure your place in line, and full payment and shipping must be all paid before I send your special Lucky Wedding Chair to you.

Gretchen was a conservative, classy bride. Some people want more flashy shoes. Whatever you want is fine with me! Send me an email and tell me what you have in mind. Your shoes can be much like Gretchen's or very different.

I've been an artist all my life, painting the whole time on whatever surface I wanted to work with. I am known for my Outsider Art Quilts, which have been exhibited widely and published often. You can see them all over this site, many of which were collaborations with my husband Jimmy Acord, whose leather work site is also within Turtle Moon. You can read our resume, read several years' worth of diary with many photos, or check out our art galleries in the site links below.

I teach art camps at our home/studios and also teach around the country, especially at craft schools. But whether it's Jimmy making his custom order fly fishing cases specifically for each customer, or me making something like the wedding shoes, exactly painted for each bride, we both truly enjoy making things by ourselves, with no assistants sharing our work. It's all done by the artist working on the piece from start to finish. And we both offer products that no one else makes.

Issie's Shoes, before ©Susan Shie 2001.Issie's Shoes, after ©Susan Shie 2001.issie's Shoes, after, closer ©Susan Shie 2001.






Above are one pair of wedding shoes, which you can see changing from plain to painted versions. The photo on the left is the shoes as they looked new, as silver satin. the middle and right photos are of them now, after I painted them with lavender roses, to match her lavender wedding gown. You can still see the silver satin as the background color of the shoes. This bride found shoes which are very similar in style to Gretchen's, above, but yours can be any style you like. Just stick with satin.

I sign, date, and number all Lucky Wedding Shoes. You have come to a completely unique service. I hope you order these special shoes for your very special wedding!

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