Turtle Trax Diary!

First entry August 27, 1997. Page #1

by Susan (Lucky) Shie

Well, here we are! The very first entry of my diary book, TURTLE TRAX. It's a journal I hope to add to as often as possible--maybe even once a week! Maybe not! It's not as easy to get it onto the web as it is to write and draw it in my sketchbook! But practice should make perfect! Jan Cabral's here, taking a Turtle Art Camp and putting together our web site at the same time! She's teaching me some HTML, which reminds me of Pig Latin. I like it! It may take another week or two, to get this site and Jimmy's site for his leather work all together and to Jan, but I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'LL HAVE WEB SITES!!!

The Twins Jane Roberson is the other Camper this week. Jan and Jane (The Twins), and we have been enjoying sewing, painting, shopping, and eating! The class got off with a bang when a tree fell over and dangled just over the roof of the house! Our friend Ron Bob came over and rescued us by sawing the top of the tree down. Jimmy and our housemate Floyd chopped up the rest of it with the chain saw. Wow! Drama!

Now it's Monday, Aug. 25, and we're back from a trip to Holmes County, where we did the quilt and fabric shops, ate, and drove around the lovely Amish countryside, enjoying the beautiful clothesline displays on Wash Day. (I have a thing about clotheslines!) Class is drawing to an end, and we have lots of projects in progress. For instance, there's still one piece of coconut cream pie in the frig.

Will Jan add more fringes to the ring pillow for her daughter's wedding, after all? Will Jane go home and make twenty eight more pairs of scrunch-dyed socks?? And then never wear two of the same color at once?? Will Jimmy surprise The Twins by modelling his Magic Fish costume?? Will I dream in HTML-speak?? Since it's still Wash Day, I guess it'll all come out! When everyone's gone home and camp's over, it's back to work on the pages for the site, and back to answering mail and doing paperwork of all kinds! I think I really get a lot more art made during Art Camp! We could have the next one as soon as October, if it works out!

I think I'll go brush loose hair and clumps out of the oldest cat Maggie, and see if those avocados are any good, for a guacamole for supper. (Not that I'd put the cathair clumps in the guacamole, you understand!) And how will we end the story of the one piece of coconut cream pie . . .?

Drawing of us and the broken tree.  Susan Shie 1997.

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