October 1, 1997

Turtle Trax Diary. October 1, 1997. Page #3

By Lucky Shie.

Great news! Out of the blue, our site got put on the cover of an Internet art magazine! A very nice one, too! And there's a link to the site right there on the cover of InnerArt Guide to the Arts in Space

I can't believe I'm writing again so soon, but I have to, in order to show you what happened last evening. Well, it started when I began four little paintings to try to sell on the web, in the "Diary Spinoffs" Stuff to Buy section, which I hadn't done yet. I began with a face on each, and a hand raised, like to wave. Then I added a crescent moon and stars. Hmmm.....how was this going to fit in with the diary? So I'd keep coming back to these paintings of Anonymous, working on the mystery woman.

I decided finally she could be some kind of saint. Saint Helga? I donno, I don't know any Helgas. But then it was time to walk Hattie. So we went off, carrying a green umbrella, in case we got rained on. After a while, this issue of naming the saint popped into my head again. OK, really now! Saint Who?? "Quilta" popped in next. What?? OK, but what after that? I hadn't gotten anywhere with Saint Helga of...Joy?, of...Persistence?. Nah! So Quilta of...? Saint Quilta the...the...The Comforter. The Comforter??? Hey, I liked that! The more I thought about her name, walking along, the more I liked Saint Quilta the Comforter!! Hattie liked her, too.

Hattie and me walking and conjuring 1997 Susan Shie Now I get things like that, now and then, when I'm walking. I have this theory about it: that our minds relax when walking, and good messages can get through a lot easier than usual at that time. It's how I got the entire idea for the GREEN QUILTS project, and how I got the name "Touching Stories," which was an exhibition I curated in '92, of art quilts and sculptures that were able to be touched by the public. ( It was accessible art, meant to be a model for all shows. And it was my eye doctor Harry Zink's idea to do it. I just named it on my walk.)

Back to Quilta. We got home without being rained on, and I went to work, writing her name on all four paintings, and writing "Blessings" on all the crescent moons. I numbered, dated, and signed them. They're all 10"h x 8"w, painted on unstretched fabric. They're $100. each, and they're in the Stuff to Buy, in the Diary Spinoffs page. I'll be doing a lot more things with Saint Quilta in my art. I'm pretty happy she manifested and is in my studio. She first appeared like this:




Saint Quilta 1998 Susan Shie

LATER NOTE: This is the very first image I ever made of St Quilta the Comforter, in a set of four paintings on fabric.

This Saint Quilta, the very first spontaneous manifestation, was a painting series of four. On cotton duck, about 11" x 8.5" each. They are all sold to good homes now, but you can look at more St. Q goodies which need places to manifest!

My dear friend Jane Burch Cochran owns the #1 painting in this first series of St Quilta works, and that makes me very happy!







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