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by Susan Shie. Turtle Moon Studios.

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These are the two art quilts I made in 2022, because of my heavy teaching schedule for my Lucky Drawing classes online. Click on the tiny images here, to go to these pieces' own pages, where I have LOTS of large detail images after a long artist's statement for that piece. Thank you.

full view "Paula: 5 of Wooden Spoons in the Kitchen Tarot." ©Susan Shie 2022.

"Paula." ©Susan Shie 2022. art quilt. detail view.


"Paula: 5 of Wooden Spoons (wands) in the Kitchen Tarot."

©Susan Shie 2022. 59"h x 62"w. inventory #522. Peace Cozy #85.

began 4-18-21 (chose tarot card),  12-2-21 (began sketches on paper.)   finished art quilt on  2-15-22.

Full and detail views, along with statement.
Also, I've made a large album on my FB page Susan Shie Turtle Moon Studios, of pix of making this piece and more pix of it finished than are here.

Guenveur and Madeleine. ©Susan Shie 2022. full-size image

Guenveur and Madeleine. © Susan Shie 2022.  detail 3.


"Guenveur and Madeleine: 5 of Potholders (coins) in the Kitchen Tarot."

©Susan Shie 2022. 60"h x 63"w. inventory #523. Peace Cozy #86.

chose tarot card 4-30-22,  made sketches on paper 5-2 to 6-11-22, quilt made 6-9 to 8-3-22.


Visit my Gallery Index on this website, for all of my online galleries.

Lisa Walton's Quilt Stories interview with Susan Shie on You Tube, about making "Annie and John: 7 of Paring Knives in the Kitchen Tarot."  Oct, 2020.

Interview with Susan Shie - SAQA Seminar: Surface Design, Paint. by Deborah Boschert, in which Susan explains making her newest quilt "Obama's Garden: King of Paring Knives in the Kitchen Tarot." taking us through sketches on paper, to airbrush on cloth, to airpen writing, to quilting.  Sept, 2017.  And you can see my gallery page for that quilt "Obama's Garden" here:  Full and detail views, along with statement.

Video of Susan Shie's solo exhibition interview at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England, by Andrew Galli. August, 2010.

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