"Guenveur and Madeleine: 5 of Potholders (coins) in the Kitchen Tarot."

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©Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine. full view.


"Guenveur and Madeleine: 5 of Potholders (coins) in the Kitchen Tarot."

©Susan Shie 2022. 60"h x 63"w. inventory #523.  Peace Cozy #86.

chose tarot card 4-30-22, made sketches on paper 5-2 to 6-11-22, quilt made 6-9 to 8-3-22.

Many large detail images follow the artist's statement below.

I am a social activist painter and fiber artist. I airbrush whole cloth works which I then sew. My artwork and writing are all spontaneous first drafts on the cloth.

Materials: white kona-like cotton from Test Fabrics, airbrush paint, Posca paint markers, Aurifil cotton machine thread, Artfabrik variegated hand dyed perle cotton embroidery thread, one Green Temple Buddha Boy bead. Pellon bamboo and organic cotton batting. Lunn Fabrics hand-made batiks on backing and border. 

Techniques: Whole cloth painting. Black line freehand drawing and color areas painted with Aztek double-action airbrush and airbrush paint. Smaller writing done with Posca paint markers, because my wrists were both broken over time, and I no longer have the strength to use my airpen. Mostly machine sewn, with one row of hand stitching of perle cotton thread (on the border's outside edge.)

My statement about this art quilt:
Susan Shie.  Turtle Moon Studios.
2612 Armstrong Drive, Wooster, OH 44691  susanshie@gmail.com  330-317-2167 www.turtlemoon.com

Guenveur Burnell and Madeleine Albright died four days apart in March, 2022 (Madeleine on March 23 and Guenveur on March 27) and I wish they had known each other.  Humanitarians, who had both lived long, productive lives, they cared so much for all people to live in peace and harmony.


On April 30, 2022, I pulled the Tarot card, the 5 of Coins, which is Potholders in my Kitchen Tarot deck, for this quilt’s making.  In the Tarot deck, Fives are fast-changing energy and Potholders (Coins) are the suit of love and kindness, as well as money. I’m not very good at interpreting Tarot cards, but I'll say this: Madeleine and Guenveur were both extremely kind, caring people, and they both dealt with a lot of fast-changing problems.  They both deeply wanted and worked for Peace.  They were both prolific writers, and Guenveur was also a brilliant artist.


After I did a lot of research, including reading many of Albright’s books and Guenveur’s blog, called Kent Kapers, I did a lot of sketches, to figure out how to show these two women working together, even though they never met.  I settled on having them cook up some Peace Soup on their Peace Stove, and put the Statue of Liberty behind Guenveur, and the Statue of Freedom (she’s on top of the Capitol Dome in DC), behind Madeleine. So those sheroic statues became their muses here.  Then I ended up putting a Peace Dove on top of the stove, so that, where I’d intended for the two women to be looking at each other, they suddenly were both looking at that dove.  And then I wrote “Love One Another” on the Dove – That just popped into my head right then.  I loved it!  I think I’ve never written that on my art before.  It sums up beautifully what we all need to do, to make Life so much better.  Why is it so hard for us to do??


I wrote biographies of both women on this quilt, gathering my info on Madeleine from many sources.  But my bio of Guenveur is largely from her daughter Sally Burnell, who wrote most of it for me.  And I put Guenveur’s cat, Sixto, below the stove.  I listed all of Madeleine’s books below her bio.  And I added my own little bio of the first woman member of a US Cabinet, Frances Perkins, in the skillet in the bottom right corner.  She was FDR’s Secretary of Labor, another wonderfully strong woman!


I write a haiku, as I think it up,on each of my drawings, and I’ve done that for many years now. Recently, I started writng them also on my quilts. Here’s the haiku I wrote in the very bottom left corner of this quilt, on the Statue of Liberty:

Roe v Wade is gone.

What can we do to save it?

Are women not free???

That is the last part I wrote about the SCOTUS ending Roe v Wade on June 24, 2022.  I wrote the rest of that terrible story all over the Statue of Liberty in this artwork.


Madeleine was a foreign policy genius, our UN ambassador under President Clinton, and then he made her the first US woman Secretary of State.  Guenveur was an artist, political activist, and worked to help many troubled people, through her social work in Kent, Ohio. The agency she worked for, Townhall ll, was formed to help people cope with the trauma of the murders of students at Kent Sate in 1970, and that’s when Guenveur went to work there.


I wrote about their amazing lives here and drew them cooking up Peace for the world, together. From May through August, 2022, while I was making this quilt, a lot of things went on, that they both would have cared immensely about: the ongoing War in Ukraine; the ending of Roe v Wade; and the polarized politics of our country, leading up to the Midterm elections.

Hearing the daily news, I often wonder: “What would Guenveur and Madeleine say about this?


I teach a class called “Lucky Drawing” in a private Facebook group classroom, just for adult women, and it’s all about freehand drawing in your own natural style, working with themes I cook up, but the students can change all they want.  I began teaching month-long classes there in January, 2015, giving 8 classes a year.


I was honored by having Guenveur Burnell in 7 of my online classes, before her eyesight got so bad, she couldn’t draw anymore.  What a joy it was, to have her in my classes!!!


I also have taught week-long Turtle Art Camps at my home studio in Wooster, Ohio, since 1994. But that has been curtailed by the pandemic, though my online classes never stopped, with my 66th drawing class coming up from Feb 19 to Mar 20, after my last class ended on Feb 6.

If you’re curious about my teaching or buying my art, please contact me.  Thanks a lot!


Power to the People. 

– Susan Shie, Wooster, Ohio

Feb 17, 2023

Here are a lot of detail images from this quilt, so you can read it better.

And below these images, I'm posting some beautiful comments that one of Guenveur's daughters, Sally Burnell, gave me permission to post here. They are additional comments that Sally made now, besides what she wrote for me to put on  my quilt here, last year.  I am moved by Sally's writings about Guenveur, and her letting me share them, below these photos.

©Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine. detail 1.



©Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine. detail 2.



©Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine. detail 3.



Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine. detail 4.



Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine. detail 5.



Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine. detail 6.



Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine. detail 7.



Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine. detail 8.



@Susan Shie 2022  "Guenveur and Madeleine." detail 9.

 @Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine." detail 12.


@Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine." detail 13.


@Susan Shie 2022 "Guenveur and Madeleine." detail 14


On Feb 17, 2023, Sally Burnell wrote these thoughts about her mother, Guenveur Burnell:

"If there is one good word I could use to sum up the arc of my mother’s 94 year life, it would be “fierce”. She lived life with a fierce devotion to good causes, to justice, to equality, and a fierce devotion to the English language. Nothing upset her more than bad writing and poor grammar. She was a fierce critic of such things. She also hated off key singing. She was stubborn, opinionated, brilliant, always seemed to know that she was probably the smartest person in the room, and she had a devotion to interesting and novel words to use in her adult spelling group.
She was also quite witty and she and her sister Mary Lucille Walker were absolutely incorrigible when they were together: laughter abounding. I loved being in their presence whenever they were together. Irish humor shone through in them. They were natural storytellers extraordinaire and could spin fascinating yarns. I miss my aunt, too, she predeceased my mother by about a year.
"I’m so grateful to see this stunningly beautiful work of art that’s a lovely tribute to my mother and Secretary Albright, women of the same “Greatest Generation” who were shaped by the Depression and World War II and took those lessons forward. I hope they’ve had a chance to meet if there’s anything resembling an afterlife. My mother deeply admired people who worked to make change and for the better. She sure left her mark on our world.
I miss her. Fiercely. 💔
"Especially as I have battled my way through advanced stage breast cancer these past seven months. What would Mama say?

"Voting was a BIG DEAL to our mother: her own mother was born at a time when HER own mother couldn’t vote. Grandma turned 21 the year that the 19th amendment was ratified and was an early member of the League of Women Voters.

"Participation in democracy was a huge deal for our family. Our mother was heavily involved in local politics with other female friends like the inimitable Harriett Begala, a force of nature in her own right. It was a given that we would vote even during off year elections even if there was just one local issue on the ballot.

The vote mattered everything to my mother. And to her mother before her. I’m only the second generation of my family born with that Constitutional right to the ballot box. That’s always kept me humbled and grounded and determined to have my say each time an election happens. Wild horses couldn’t keep me from voting. Neither could it keep my mother from doing likewise.

"Astrologically, my mother was a Leo. She was fierce like a lioness and I always saw her as being just that, someone with the quality of a lion. She would defend to the death things and beliefs she held dear. “Fierce” is the perfect way I could aptly sum up my mother’s long life in one very descriptive word. She very much reminded me of all of the qualities of a lioness that she truly was as one born under the sign of Leo."

----- Sally Burnell.   Kent, Ohio.

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