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This is an old page from years ago, and I've thought about taking it off my site, since I'm not selling these paintings online anymore. But I'm keeping the page up, just so you can see the older images. Think of it as a museum exhibit. The images are all very small, since we used to have to have them that way, due to slow modems. Sorry. Thanks, Susan, 3-20-08

St. Quilta Astrology Blessing paintings are included below. Look for new sets of sign blessing paintings throughout the coming years. Here now are Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius! Also, my two astrology books: "Lucky Stars: A Little Astrology Primer," and "Lucky Signs: A Drive-By Zodiac" are ready to buy. Just little books, like my other ones, with hand sewn bindings. The first is a mostly written sans drawings, but very useable book, and the second is a smarty, full of drawings, coloring book. The two books together will go a long way to getting you savvy about reading existing astrology charts. Each book costs $10. plus $2. shipping in the US.

All the paintings shown here are versions of Saint Quilta the Comforter, the Patron Saint of Quilters, whom I invented. (See my diary entry for October 1, 1997, to try to figure out how I met St. Q. in a visionary rapture, while walking our dog Hattie.) The original set of four Basic Saint Quiltas from Oct, 97, are all sold now, and I'm no longer selling the paintings online.

Price information

St Quilta painting ©Susan Shie 1998.

St. Quilta the Comforter Custom Orders

Here is an example of a custom ordered St Quilta painting. It is not for sale, and I'm not currently making custom orders, but I did them for many years.

Above the price of the painting or quilt, I always charged $150. to the formula total, for my design fee for custom orders, as commissions always take more work than spontaneous paintings I do out of my head.



St Quilta the Comforter Blesses Sagittarius ©Susan Shie 1998."Saint Quilta the Comforter Blesses Sagittarius."

Here is the first set of astrology blessing paintings with Saint Quilta the Comforter, who is a firm believer in the vibrations of the spheres! November 22 to December 21, Sag is the mutable fire sign, the most easy going. Sagittarians are happy-go-lucky party animals with tons of friends and a bright disposition. They love animals, gambling, sports, learning, religious philosophy, and justice. Many Sags, like my old man, Jimmy, have trouble wanting to learn about so many things, they don't focus. But when they finally do, they aim straight at their goals! Ruled by good natured Jupiter, they tell the best jokes, and are good risk takers. They are very lucky and helpful. Good folks to hang with. If you come from another country or even have a different accent to yuour English, they cozy right up, loving travel so much. If you can't keep their attention, tell them stories of foreign customs, and they are hooked! They love their passports! They always can smell a Statie, before he pops them for speeding, which they always are doing.

Here are all of the Sag Blessing paintings. Like the rest of my St Q paintings, I draw each one separately, then paint them at the same time. So each one is a little different. No tracing, etc. But all funky. St Q has become the Sagittarian archer for this set. She just couldn't be a centaur in that big sapphire blue muu-muu! There's a globe in the top right corner, her reminder of how Sag loves world travel, and she had to bring along her Holy Pincushion! Little words float around in the flamingo pink background, describing Sag's wonderful traits!

The paintings are about 13.5"h x 9.5"w. Count left to right, top to bottom, to find the one you want.

I am no longer selling these online for now.

St Q Blesses Capricorn ©Susan Shie 1999."Saint Quilta the Comforter Blesses Capricorn."

St. Quilta has an earthy brown and golden muu-muu on for her stern Capricorn image! She gets down to business and her mountain goat is ready to climb every mountain, in reaching the everpresent goals of every Capricorn worth their salt!! Ruled by hardworking Saturn, the taskmaster, Capricorns are the kind of folks we artsy dreamer types need around, to help us focus on what needs to be done! The father figure, the practical one, Caps are always fulfilling one goal, and moving on to the next. They like to make lists of things to get done, and by God, they will mark them all off and on time!



St. Quilta Blesses Capricorn ©Susan Shie 1999.

The Capricorn paintings are each about 13.5"h x 9.5"w. Here are all nine paintings.

I am no longer selling these online for now.






St Quilta Blesses Aquarius #8.©Susan Shie 1999."Saint Quilta the Comforter Blesses Aquarius."

Aquarius is the air sign of flow, symbolized in traditional astrology as the water bearer. Wearing her funky aqua colored muu-muu, St Q pours us some wild and radical New Age tea, to amplify our openness and good conversation. The planet Uranus, the unpredictable, rules this fixed sign and the eleventh house of friends and group activities. Public meetings! Any kind of surprises! Big splash of water in the face!!! Aquarians handle unexpected turns of events well, and even with curiosity. Do not bore them!

Aquarius loves nothing better than a good discussion of unusual and ultramodern ideas, amongst a pack of strange friends who share a great cause! Computers, astrology, anything not yet fully explored and certainly not yet accepted! The odder, the better! Aquarians hold political rallies for really contraversial causes! They adore Greenpeace and email! If it weren't for the purification of the water bearers of the world, we'd be dead a long time ago, through corruption and pollution!

Nine St Q Blesses Aquarius paintings ©Susan Shie 1999.


The St. Q Blesses Aquarius paintings are each about 13.5"h x 9.5"w. Here are all nine paintings.

I am no longer selling these online for now.




St. Quilta Blesses Y2K #2. ©Susan Shie 1999.

"St. Quilta the Comforter Blesses Y2K"

Saint Quilts's got her a fancy first edition Macintosh I-Mac, in Space Age Blue, to be ready to rock in Y2K. Her matching grater will bring all issues down to workable size, and shred the ones you don't want to deal with! Marigold is there for good luck, and St. Q wears her hot tomato red muu-muu, ready for whatever comes next, in the new millennium!

These are all sold.


St Quilta the Comforter Blesses 1999, #8 ©Susan Shie 1998.

"Saint Quilta the Comforter Blesses 1999."

These are painted on unstretched cotton twill, about 13.5"h x 9.5"w each. With her good luck colander, to wash everything clean, St Q wears her gentle orchid muu-muu, and carries her pink fan, so she can handle life with grace and ease! Her cat, Marigold, shows up in a spunky lime green, for healing and growth in 99!!

These are all sold.


"St. Quilta the Comforter Celebrates with Joy."

I made these paintings for the celebration of our web site's anniversary, but you can use them to celebrate anything! St. Q has some nice red chili pepper lights and a cake, along with her concertina and a patio owl.

St Q Celebrates with Joy © Susan Shie 1998.Here is painting #5, which is the last in the set. As I make the works, I start with a marker and draw each piece, one after the other. By the time I got to this one, the cat's sombrero had become the piece of cake, the cat had grabbed the rattles, and the moon was whispering into St Q's ear. Oh, and the little fishy was swimming away, as the cat danced, with the concertina in its stomach.

So you can see this was a pretty raucus session, drawing these pieces. Painting them in takes a lot longer, and is less animated of a process, so the colors pretty much behaved and stayed the same throughout the set!

The paintings are roughly 18"h x 12"w each, on unstretched cotton. © Susan Shie 1988.

Sorry. All of these are sold.

St Q Brings You Her Chicken Soup ©Susan Shie 1998.

"St. Quilta the Comforter Brings You Her Chicken Soup."

Here is one of seven paintings I just finished in a set. I will have more, when the photos are back and I get a chance to all the images, but they are pretty much alike.

They are each painted on unstretched fabric, 14"h x 9"w, with lots of glitter and glow in the dark paint over the Deka Permanent Fabric Paint. The thing up in the left corner is her hot water bottle! © Susan Shie 1998.


All of these are sold, as of 3-03.



Four of 30 little paintings of St Q ©Susan Shie 1998.

"Thirty Little Paintings of St Q."

Happy little Quiltas, radiating their comfort out of their ever-lovin' smiles and glittery halos. There are several colors of highly fashionable polka dotted muu-muus being worn here. The paintings are on unstretched fabric, 7.5" h x 5"w each, and you can put them into your work or on the wall as is or frame them. They glow in the dark, with the glowing word "Blessings" written on their muu-muus. © Susan Shie 1998.





30 St Q portraits ©Susan Shie 1998.Here are all 30 of the little portarits.

I am no longer selling these online for now.






St Q Studio #7 ©Susan Shie 1998.

"St. Quilta the Comforter Blesses This Studio"

Here St Q has a pink polka dot mumu and acat and glow in the dark accents! Yep, the yellow pin heads in the sacred pincushion even glow, along with many outlines and a face on the teapots!

Sorry, these are all sold.






"Saint Quilta the Comforter Blesses This Studio for 1998."

Six separate paintings on fabric, unstretched. These are done with fabric paints, with some gold accents. (Sorry, it's fake.) This set sports a snappy holy spool of thread, to stay connected, and the holy scissors, to cut out all the problems! She wears her green polka dot muu muu in this set.

St Quilta/ Studio #5 ©1998 Sussan Shie

All six of these are sold.





"Saint Quilta the Comforter Blesses the Fish Widows."StQ Blesses the Fish Widows. © 1997 Susan Shie


Thsi is a series of four unstretched fabric paintings of Our Lady of the Quilts, giving solice to those of us who get ditched by the old man, when he goes fishing. (Wouldn't be anybody I know!) They are painted on fabric and are not stretched. Again, you can use them "as is," or frame them, or put them into your art.

These are all sold.




Original St Q painting ©1997 Susan Shie.

"The First Official Saint Quilta Painted Image I Ever Made"

There were four of these last Fall. They all sold fast. Now, don't you wish you had jumped on these, while the gettin' was good?

Notice how St. Q is getting bigger and bigger. She is really huge on the trays! This is not so hard to explain. This original had just beamed in to the Earth Plane last October, and probably had never eaten ice cream with malted chocolate dope on it, with peanuts, until she manifested here at our house. We stay up late and, well....a person needs strength! So does a saint! The new voluptuousness is a symbol of Quilts's abundance and Here, There, and Everywhere abilities.

All of these are sold.




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