2Jimmy and Lucky.©Susan Shie 2003.

Turtle Moon Studios:


Our front door!  Can't miss the place! ©Shie and Acord 2001. ©1997 Susan Shie. Turtle Moon Studios

Jimmy and Marigold my cat, in Jimmy's studio.

This was our front door

mural from 1992 to 2008.

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Jimmy fishing at Grayling 2009 ©Doug Hall 2009.

The rest of this site is Susan Shie's outsider art quilts and paintings

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Garage Door Mural 10-08. ©Susan Shie 2008

Find Susan Shie, James Acord, Turtle Moon Studios, and Turtle Art Camp by spotting this big garage door mural. This is the mural I painted on our garage door in Fall, 2008, to replace the aging mural on the front door. It's my Personal Landscape with Jimmy and me, Gretchen, Mike, and Eva, President Obama, and the Statue of Liberty, and all of our and GEM's cats, and a little St Quilta the Comforter down in the bottom left corner, sending out Peace vibes. Its message is "Power to the People: Heal the Earth with Unity and Kindness." You can see more images and read my statement about this huge painting here.

My next online drawing class is: Lucky Drawing 124, Oct 24 to Nov 20, 2017, soft open Oct 22, late pm. Please read all about it at the link you just read, and then sign up, by contacting me.

5 AM drawing with Juno.  ©Susan Shie 2016

I have a signup event page up now on Facebook, for Lucky Drawing 124, the private online class I'll be teaching on Facebook, from Oct 24 to Nov 20, with a soft opening on the night of Oct 22. Please read the in-depth detailed info on the page here on my site (which also includes the supply list about 2/3 way down the page), and contact me, if you want to sign up for the class. This is a very nontraditional approach to drawing, not at all about me giving you step-by-step instructions and rules. Very Montessori-like, in its personal exploration of ideas and techniques. I give themes for each of us to use or alter or not use, and we all discuss the drawings we post to the private Facebook classroom. We never do harsh critique; all is positive feedback. All work is done freehand, based on your personal best as the goal, so beginning drawing students are welcome, as well as all other skill level artists. Please click the link above to read all about this class coming up.

Most of the artists I know quit freehand drawing, sometime during their childhood, so it's good to get back to it now. And if you draw really well, but haven't been inspired or structured enough to draw on your own, join us. So let me know, if you want to join us for LD 123's four-week session. Read the information about my classes, and then contact me about registering for LD 124. Just call or text, email, or FB message me to sign up! Class fee is $155 - $165, depending on your payment method.

Just contact me, if you want to take my next class, and I'l put you on my list. Thanks!

Lucky Drawing Classes 2017 schedule:

Notes: All sessions open on a Tuesday, at 10 AM eastern time, and they end on a Monday at midnight your time. They each have a soft opening after 9 PM eastern time, on the Sunday night before the class begins. There is a 12 day break between most sessions, and a very long break between LD 124 and 125, that skips the holidays Thanksgiving through New Year's.

Please read the in-depth detailed info on the page here on my site (which also includes the supply list about 2/3 way down the page), register by clicking "going" on my FB event page for this class, and contact me, if you want to sign up for the class.

LD 117 Jan 3 – 30, 2017, soft open Jan 1. I had 17 students.

LD 118 Feb 14 - Mar 13, soft open Feb 12. I had 18 students.

LD 119 Mar 28 – Apr 24, soft open Mar 26. I had 19 students.

LD 120 May 9 – June 5, soft open May 7. I had 13 students.

LD 121 June 20 – July 17, soft open June 18. I had 21 students.

LD 122 Aug 1 – 28, soft open July 30. I had 16 students.

LD 123 Sept 12 – Oct 9, soft open Sept 10. This is my current class, with 16 students.

LD 124 Oct 24 – Nov 20, soft open Oct 22. Registration for this class is open now!

There will be a long break between LD 124 and LD 125. It's a 7 week break, so we can skip Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. There is a mini-camp at the start of December, here at my home - a 3 day class with 2 travel days, spanning Nov 30 to Dec 4. That's all freehand drawing, with the up-to-four students living at my home and studios.

LD 125 Jan 9 – Feb 5, 2018, soft open Jan 7.

Turtle Moon Studios - our front yard. ©Susan Shie 2003.Turtle Art Camp

Study on an intimate level with me, Susan Shie. Through my Turtle Art Camps, I've been helping people find their instinctive and joyful aritist's voice in classes in my home and studios since 1994. Study drawing and painting with regular drawing tools and watercolor, in a new format for these camps, in which we work in large, hardbound sketchbooks all week, making TAC the in-person form of my online Lucky Drawing classes! I no longer teach classes about working on cloth, anywhere. I teach freehand drawing. Each Turtle Art Camp can have up to four adult students, who live and work in Jimmy and my home and studios in Wooster, Ohio.

Above is the front view of Turtle Moon Studios, when the crabapple trees are blooming in the Moon Garden. (The Moon Garden has a cement turtle in it, too, since this is Turtle Moon Studios.)

Turtle Art Camp 2017 schedule:

Check out the special 3-day Mini-Camp I've added, for the beginning of December! Its dates, Nov 30 - Dec 4, include a travel day on each end. Read all about this new, added mini-camp, and sign up now! I can take 4 students, including one signed up already.

The camp dates listed here show the days you travel in and out, and the days in between are the five full class days here.

This 2017 schedule is subject to changes, if needed. But once I have one student for a camp, that camp's dates are locked in. I'm offering 4 one-week art camps in 2017. All these camps have Wednesday travel-in days and Tuesday travel-out days. I teach my Turtle Art Camps in the breaks between my online Lucky Drawing classes. I don't have enough time or energy to teach at home and online at the same time!

TAC 2017 weeklong camps to study with me in Wooster, Ohio:

The dates listed are the Wednesday and Tuesday travel days, and the class is the 5 days in between them. This way, you have time to settle in and get rested before class starts, and to rest and pack up, before going back home. You will be here for 6 nights.

1. April 26 - May 2

2. June 7 - 13

3. July 19 - 25

4. Aug 30 - Sept 5 (three students are signed up for this art camp.)

5. Special 3-day Mini-camp Nov 30 - Dec 4 (1 student signed up. I can take 3 more). This is a 3-day camp, with travel days added to the dates here.

FEES: The weeklong Turtle Art Camp fee is $1,000, with an add-on fee, if you use PayPal. The camp fee includes transportation from and back to the airport, art supplies for the class, room and partial meals, and tuition. When you send me a $500 deposit check, I'll put you on the class list. You'll pay me the rest when you're here in camp. There's more detail about fees, flight times coordination, etc, on the Turtle Art Camp page, so please read the full information about Turtle Art Camp, before you contact me to sign up for a camp. You will find lots of pictures there and full explanation of what to expect in this class program / art biospheric experience! Thank you!

Susan Shie: teaching schedule at other locations:

Turtle Art Camps. Weeklong, live-in sessions at my home studio in Wooster Ohio, throughout the year, every year since 1994. Now teaching my Lucky Drawing classes in person at these camps, as of 2017. Four TAC sessions are offered for 2017, plus a 3-day mini camp at the start of December. 2018 TAC schedule will be posted by the end of 2017.

Lucky Drawing online classes. These are 4 week sessions, with 12 day breaks in between them. Many students take them repeatedly, like how we stay with a yoga teacher. I began teaching freehand drawing online in January, 2015.

Private art classes in my home.

Erie Art Museum. Class for local teachers and public lecture (lecture in the evening), during the museum's showing of "Earth Stories," a SAQA touring exhibition, which I have my piece "Muddy Fork Farm" in. Class and lecture March 16, 2017.

QSDS 2017. Teaching my Lucky Drawing classes in person. Session 1 May 29 - June 2, and Session 2 June 3 - 4, 2017.

Lexington Art League. Teaching and giving a talk, during an exhibition I'll have some large social commentary art quilts in, "Still They Presist." July 28 - August 13, 2017. Lexington, KY. My visit will be sometime in early August.

Texas Quilt Museum. Public lecture during my Solo Exhibition "The Way I See It: the Narrative Art of Susan Shie." (Oct 5 - Dec 22, 2017). Lecture 3 PM, Saturday, Oct 14, 2017.


If you want me to come teach for your group, visit my Class Descriptions page to see all the classes I offer. Then, just contact me.

Sewing with Libby's help. ©Susan Shie 2012

Above is a picture of Libby laying on my lap, as I sew the hand worked border edge on the "David Wax Museum"DDD" piece.


My newest finished art quilt (stitched whole cloth painting):

Obama's Garden. detail view.  ©Susan Shie 2017.

Above is a detail of my newest finished art quilt: "Obama's Garden: King of Paring Knives (swords) in the Kitchen Tarot." 60"h x 90"w. Made from June 26 to August 21, 2017. It's my tribute to President Barack Obama's accomplishments and nurturing our country in the world, for his 8 years as our 44th President. As usual, I drew and colored this piece freehand with my airbrush on whole cloth, then wrote on it with my airpen, using paint, not ink in the airpen. I mostly machine quilted it, though I sewed around the border edge by hand, as usual. When you go to the page for this piece, you'll find many large detail images after my artist's statement about making this artwork.


Private students art lessons in my home.

Besides teaching adult students at other places I travel to, and at my weeklong Turtle Art Camps at my home and studio, I also give private and small group art lessons in my home, for drawing and painting with students of all ages. The focus is on drawing from life and from your imagination. Read all about my private drawing lessons in my home studio. I also began teaching drawing classes online, beginning in January, 2015. Sign up for my next Lucky Drawing class!

Fiestaware_still_life_drawing. ©Susan Shie 2014

Above: This is an ink and watercolor drawing I made while working with a local art student in my home, during a recent lesson. We each worked in our sketchbooks, drawing the still life of my Fiesta Ware for two hours.

This detail below is from my 2003 piece "Peace Cupboard," probably my very favorite small piece that I've ever made, and it's the most intensely hand stitched and beaded piece I've ever done. It's in my Small Works Gallery, and I will eventually add more of my best small works from over my career, including both older and new artworks there.

Peace Cupboard detail view. ©Susan Shie 2003.


Watch my 2010 solo exhibition video from the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England. This video was made by Andrew Galli:


Susan Shie price formulas for my work.

Visit my Turtle Moon Studios page on Facebook, visit my personal page on Facebook.

Watch the slideshow for my episode #1013 of The Quilt Show, which premiered on June 24, 2012. You must be a paid member of The Quilt Show to see the actual hour-long episode of their interview with me, but you can see the video trailer for free. You can view my "Soft Paintings" project on The Quilt Show's Projects page, if you're a paid member. You can click a button to become a member, from that page.

Teacher of the Year 2008 logo

Susan Shie Teacher of the Year 2008 award from Professional Quilter Magazine.

Artist's Statement March 30, 2010

Video of Susan Shie's solo exhibition interview at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England. Video made by Andrew Galli. August, 2010.

My Turtle Trax Diary: Was my first diary writing online, starting in 1997. then I moved over to writing in my blog, but for many years now, you can find my new writings on my facebook pages: Susan Shie and Susan Shie Turtle Moon Studios.

Tower detail. ©Susan Shie 2007.

Here's a detail from my "Pressure Cooker / Tower" piece, which was in Quilt National '07 and on the cover of the Quilt National book. Read about it and lots of news since February, 07 to July, 07 in my Turtle Trax Diary for July 31, 2007.

Diary entries, back to August 27, 1997, are found in the Turtle Trax Diary Index.

©1989  Robin Schwalb. GQ logo.

Archive of the GREEN QUILTS Project, which ended in 2004. Read the online newsletter on the GREEN QUILTS page, which leads to diary style update pages. The GREEN QUILTS Project officially ended in May, 2004. You can read all about this in the last update page. A deep thank you to everyone who contributed to the project over its 15 years, especially to Robin Schwalb and Michele Merges Martens, my GREEN QUILTS co-organizers.


Jimmy and Lucky.©Susan Shie 2003.Turtle Moon Studios:



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