2003 Works Gallery - Susan Shie

Here are some small to medium sized painted quilts from 2003.

The Peace Buddha Girls Gallery shows the paintings I began making in February, 2003, as a response to the new threat of war in our world. A couple of those paintings turned into quilts, too.

The work here is a selection of some of my smaller Outsider art quilts which are all for sale, started as whole cloth paintings I've made on cotton fabric. I use fabric paint, with an airpen, hand brushes, and airbrush sometimes.

Mixed media art quilt. Price formula is on main gallery page."St Q's Kitchen Shoes" Art Quilt finished 4-14-03

31"h x 21.75"w. For Sale.








HouseJuJu ©Susan Shie 2003."House JuJu." Art quilt finished 7-8-03.

12"h x 12"w. For Sale.






Memory of Mom ©Susan Shie 2003."Memory of Mom." Art quilt finished 12-12-01, but worked A LOT more on and refinished 7-27-03.

9.75"h x 9"w. NFS





Dinah's Angel. ©Susan Shie 2003."Dinah's Angel." Art quilt finished 8-31-03. Private collection.

5.8"h x 8"w.

this piece is sold.




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